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Ice Removal in Mississauga

Let the Toronto eavestrough and roofing experts at Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing help you prevent damage during the winter. Our winter services are designed to prevent and repair damage from ice dams. One of the ways to keep your home protected is through the innovative leaf guard systems from Alu-Rex.

Sure, the icicles look nice, but what are they doing to your home? If left to accumulate, ice will eventually clog your eavestroughs and downpipes, causing water infiltration and potentially costly damage. Your eavestroughs may even warp and become detached from your home due to the expansion caused by freezing and thawing.

Our winter services include:

  • Ice dam removal
  • Ice dam prevention
  • Ice dam repairs
  • Installation of de-icing or heating cables

We offer a 40-year, pro-rated no clog warranty on our ALU-REX LEAF GUARDS

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Why is There Ice on My Eavestrough?

There are many causes of roof and eavestrough ice formation. Alu-Rex products may help to diminish the formation of ice dams. The accumulation of ice on a roof may be due to a problem of ventilation or insulation. Because of heat loss, the snow melts and freezes into ice when it hits the cold eaves. For more information on attic ventilation and advice to help you detect, prevent and remove ice dams on your roof, please visit the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation.


Without Alu-Rex’s product, ice generally forms in the eavestroughs and icicles appear on the front. The accumulation of ice inside the eavestroughs can cause irreparable damage to your residence due to the expansion created by freezing and thawing. The eavestroughs may warp and nails or screws will then get loose. This gives a direct opening to water infiltration. In addition, the ice accumulated in the eavestroughs will eventually clog them and therefore water will not drain. This is another situation that can lead to water infiltration.


With Alu-Rex’s products, ice and snow accumulated on top of the product will drain directly in the eavestroughs when melting or when it rains. It is therefore preferable to have ice on the product rather than inside your eavestroughs. The eavestroughs will be spared from the expansion created by the freezing and thawing and will not become distorted.

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