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Eavestrough Leaf Guard Systems In Scarborough And Surrounding Area

Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing is a certified Alu-Rex installer for ALU-REX leaf guard products - Gutter Clean and T-Rex. We are trained by them to install all their products according to industry standards so they function as they should.


Fortify Your Home With A Leaf Guard System

Your gutters play a crucial role in protecting your home or business against the many risks posed by water damage. However, rain gutters can only protect your property if they are correctly draining moisture away from your walls and foundation.

Traditional gutter systems are held up by hangers that sit a few inches apart. The hangers provide a certain degree of support but leave the spaces in between either side, weak. An Alu-Rex system is different. It is built like a continuous hanger, so the eaves troughing is much more sturdy, secure, and reliable. It allows water to drain adequately and stops ice, snow, leaves, and other falling debris from clogging your gutters.

By installing a leaf guard system, you are giving your gutters the power to protect your building against moisture like never before.

Gutter Protection From Water Infiltration

While a bit of water in your property may not seem like a big issue, water infiltration poses many risks that should not be overlooked. Let's explore a few!

Structural Damage

Small leaks and persistent water exposure can chip away at the integrity of your building's structure. Water damage can affect your roofing system, and siding, all the way down to your basement and foundation. Water damage left unattended will only worsen and can cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Wasting Energy

Excessive moisture in your building can cause your air conditioning units, heaters, and de-humidifiers to work on overdrive, wasting precious energy and costing you money.


Insect, animals, and pests are attracted to moist areas in your building. If water damage is happening without your knowledge, you're bound to have a pest infestation before you realize it.

Mold Growth

Perhaps the most severe threat posed by water infiltration is the growth of dangerous mold and bacteria. These issues can be hard to identify and can have a detrimental impact on the health of those who live or work in your building. Mold and mildew can be especially harmful to those who struggle with respiratory illnesses.

The very best way to avoid these issues is to prevent water infiltration. By equipping your gutter system with a leaf guard, you are not only protecting your the structural integrity of your proeprty but also the safety of your loved ones and visitors.

The Advantage Of Leaf Guard Systems

Get the advantage of new and improved leaf guard systems available at Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing which are thoroughly researched and tested under harsh conditions. Make your home a cozy and better place to live and forget about irritating maintenance and cleaning eaves with our advanced gutter leaf guard systems.

Our leaf guard installation optimizes rainwater to flow smoothly to your downspouts through your eaves without any obstruction of leaves and keeps debris away from your property making it safe from soil erosion, mold and water damage.

Our leaf guards work day and night so that you can relax inside your home without spoiling your Saturday afternoon cleaning your gutters. You'll feel at ease that your property looks great and is free from leaves and debris. Our highly advanced gutter guards can be installed in existing eaves and protect the eaves from snow and ice in winter season. They are made from aluminum chiefly designed to prevent more debris and leaves accumulating in comparison with other ordinary gutter guard systems. We promise that they will not rust and are highly durable in nature.

Advanced Leaf Guard Systems

Our leaf guard systems are durable and low-maintenance because they are highly functional and robust in nature to face Scarborough's harsh weather, so once installed you can be worry-free for years to come.

Years Of Protection

Any of our leaf guard solutions will prevent the majority of debris from entering the eaves and clogging the downpipes. They fit into existing eaves and are guaranteed not to rust. Essentially, they sit in your gutters and protect your home, year after year. Our aluminum gutter guards protect many homes and buildings in Scarborough from water damage including:

  • Foundation Problems
  • Basement Leaks
  • Landscape Wash-outs
  • Insect Problems
  • Rotting Fascia Boards
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Bird Nests
  • Leaking Inside Walls and Windows

If neglected, the above mentioned problems can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs.

Our Gutter Guards

  • Trough guard
  • Alu-rex Gutter clean
  • Gutter filter


Gutter Clean

Gutter Filter

Fits in existing or new troughs





No rust aluminum mesh


Made in Canada


Visible from the street






Years of service




Prevents leaves from entering

Prevents debris and objects from entering

Prevents mosquito infestation



Prevents pine needles from entering


Water flows freely

Holds up in winter

Cleaning needed




NOTE: All the above-mentioned products can be compared to similar products bought from hardware stores, but there is no comparison in terms of guarantee of functionality and durability in Canadian weather. You can rest assured that we have selected the best available on the market.

Trough Guard

  • Won't rust
  • Can fit into existing Trough
  • Highly durable
  • Provide strength to gutters in winter season

Alu-rex Gutter Clean

In addition to trough guard qualities:

  • With a 10km wind it can remove wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per linear foot.
  • With a 37km wind it can remove about an inch (2.5 cm) of pine needles per linear foot.

Gutter Filter

Gutter filter is a top-of-line guard that won't allow anything to enter your eaves. It will work for more than 20 years and can efficiently prevent pine needles to choke downpipes. It also prevents mosquito and other pest infestations.

Alu-Rex Gutter Guard Product Experts

Our fully trained and certified gutter protection experts are a great source of information if you have any questions or concerns about leaf guard installation. We know our products inside and out and will be happy to help you understand anything that you are unsure about. We take pride in being a company with a strong focus on customer service, so you can always count on us for reliable information. Whether you need assistance with choosing the best gutter guards for your property or just want to make sure you would really benefit from eavestrough leaf protection, we promise to do anything we can to provide you with the information you are looking for.

Got Trees on Your Property? Get Aluminum Gutter Guards

If you have trees on or around your property, then you likely already know how annoying it can be to keep up with all the leaves that fall off of them. If you find that you are constantly getting clogs in your eavestrough, you can significantly reduce your workload with our premium leaf guard products. Make sure your eavestrough can always do its job properly and that you never have to worry about excess water on your property by preventing leaves from ever entering your gutters.

Built for Canadian Winters

On top of being an effective method of stopping leaves from getting into your gutters, our leaf guards are also designed to keep snow and ice out of your system. Constructed using high-quality aluminum, the products we install are guaranteed not to warp, rust, or crack even under the harshest conditions. You never know when the next big storm will hit, so safeguard your property with a product that you can feel certain will support the weight of anything that mother nature can throw at it.

Invest in Your Property with Our Premium Gutter Guards

Not only are our fantastic eavestrough leaf guards reasonably priced, but they can also help you save money in the long run. If you are regularly contacting gutter cleaning companies to unclog your downspouts, we can help you significantly reduce debris buildup in your eavestrough. Not only that, but since our products are made using top-quality materials, you don't have to worry about frequent maintenance or repairs for your gutters.

Our products also come with generous manufacturer warranties, so don't hesitate to reach out to us to learn more about why our products are the best choice for your property.

Swift Installations on Eavestrough Leaf Guards

Another benefit of hiring our certified team to install your gutter guards is our refined installation process. When we are on the job, you never have to worry about drawn-out turnaround times because we always operate with maximum efficiency. Our commitment to our clients means that we make sure to arrive with a solid plan of action and with everything we need to complete the job. What's more, since we have a wealth of experience in the industry, you can always count on us to work diligently and without cutting any corners.

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