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Mandatory Downspout Disconnection

As of 2007, all individuals owning property within the affected Toronto area are required to disconnect their downspouts from the city’s sewer system.

For those property owners looking for some professional assistance, there is only one team you can count on—Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing.

If you are looking to disconnect your downspout quickly, contact our team. Proudly serving the GTA since 1970, we are the experts you need. Request our services by calling (416) 239-4033 today.  


Downspout Disconnection Made Simple

Over the years, we’ve established ourselves as local leaders in swift, affordable, and compliant downspout disconnections. When property owners have come to the realization that their drainpipe needs to be disconnected, they’ve always called us. As is expected, we always disconnect the downpipe quickly and efficiently. What’s more, we provide our clients with a wonderful customer experience.

From the initial consultation to the moment we leave your property, you will have our undivided attention. We’ll address every concern, answer every question, and make sure your downspout disconnection goes as smoothly as possible. With our services, you can always expect:

  • No-obligation consultations
  • Easy to schedule disconnections
  • Quick turnarounds
  • Upfront quotes for disconnections
  • Friendly technicians
  • And more

Would you like to learn a little more about the city by-laws and possible exemptions? Do not hesitate to contact us.

The Full-Service Eavestrough Company

We do more than disconnect your drain spout from the city sewer systems—we make sure your entire eavestrough system is in perfect working order before we leave your premises. We’ll make sure your gutters are aligned, and all rainwater drains far away from your home’s foundation.

Cost-Effective Rain Spout Disconnection

Make sure your property is up to code without putting too much strain on your wallet. We always provide honest, and upfront quotes that you can count on. We pride ourselves on being an eavestrough company with the utmost integrity. One of our certified technicians will be happy to give you all the information you need to make the right decision regarding disconnecting your gutter downspout. Thanks to our economical pricing, there is no need to choose between making sure your downspout is removed properly and staying within your budget.

Eavestrough Experts with Dedicated Customer Service

What makes us the best choice for disconnecting your gutter drain properly? Not only do we have the experience and training to make sure it is removed properly, but we also do so with the highest dedication to client satisfaction. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of providing our clients with a friendly and accommodating service. When you trust us to make sure your property meets the local regulations, you can always count on receiving the full attention of a qualified team of experts.

We Go Above and Beyond for Gutter Drain Removal

When we say we are a full-service eavestrough company, we mean it. When you hire us to disconnect your downspout, we will always leave your property looking clean and tidy afterword. For us, no job is complete until our work area has been totally cleaned of any mess or debris. When you are looking to service your rain spout, put your trust in a company that goes the extra mile for their clients.

Quality Downspout Removal—Guaranteed

Over 40 Years of Devoted Experience

With decades of training in the eavestrough and roofing industry, we are fully equipped to take on any size job. No matter how intricate your drainage system may be, we can fully reroute it to make sure it meets the standards of the GTA. Ask any of our satisfied clients, and they will agree that we always provide top-notch service at affordable rates and with outstanding customer service.

3-Year Guarantee

We strive to make sure you are completely secure with your choice to hire us to disconnect your rain spout. One of the ways we achieve this is by offering a 3-year written guarantee on all of our repair services. Rest assured knowing that there is no risk of your property breaking local property regulations.

A History of Successful Downspout Disconnection

We are known for our unmatched consistency. We have the experience and the resources to always complete your downspout removal efficiently and adequately. When you are looking to make sure your property is up to code, don't gamble with an unproven company. Instead, put your trust in a seasoned team of contractors with an excellent track record of eavestrough services. You can always depend on us to make sure your gutters are doing their job of protecting your property without directing water toward the city's water supply.

Fast Turnarounds on Eavestrough Disconnection

We understand the importance of experience and efficiency —especially when it comes to your property and your eavestrough system. To save time, we use our knowledge to plan ahead and invest a few extra moments into proper preparation.

Rest assured, we make sure we have a clear and easy-to-follow plan prior to disconnecting any drainpipe. We’ll inspect your eavestrough system and make sure we have all the equipment needed to get the job done before we even get started.

Follow Toronto’s Mandatory Downspout Disconnection Program

A recent change to Toronto's by-law makes it mandatory for homeowners to disconnect their downspouts. The expert team of Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing can do an inspection of your system and promptly get you in compliance. As a property owner, you should check the map that is on the Toronto water website to determine whether or not you are required to do the disconnection.

What Are the Benefits of Disconnecting?

The major benefit that you'll gain by doing the disconnection is reducing the risk of basement flooding, which can cost you thousands of dollars. It is the easiest and most convenient way to store stormwater on your property, which can be recycled or used for giving garden and lawn flowers chlorine-free water. Moreover, thanks to the disconnection, you will also cut off your contribution to combined sewer overflows, and in this way, you put a little effort into making Canada’s beaches clean.

downspout disconnection

Exemptions - Application Form

Has a professional tried to disconnect your downspout before? Did they encounter a problem during the disconnection process? Don’t worry. You might be eligible for an exemption from any penalties.

In many cases, it might not be technically possible to disconnect all your downspouts. There are exemptions for property owners where the city concludes that the disconnection of downspouts is not possible or would cause danger. Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing takes immense pleasure to advise you. We will complete the form on your behalf with the adequate diagram.

Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing Offers Fully Compliant Services

We have a professional and diligent team of experts who can do the work of disconnection in a quick and professional manner and put you in compliance.

We have attained mastery in the following services:

  • Gutters and downspouts repairs
  • Bring above ground
  • Addition and replacement of pipes
  • Reroute and redirect with extensions
  • Repair of damaged pipes

We put customer satisfaction as our top priority.

Schedule Your Eavestrough Disconnection Today

Disconnecting your downspout benefits both yourself and the community at large. With a disconnected downspout, you reduce the risk of flooding and limit rainwater from making its way into polluted waterways.

When the time comes to disconnect your downspout, put your trust in the company who understands eavestroughs and city regulations most. Put your trust in Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing. With decades of professional experience and a commitment to our community, we’re the eavestrough experts for you.

Our phone number is (416) 239-4033, and we can’t wait to work with you.

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