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Do the gutters in your Toronto home more closely resemble Niagara Falls rather than the river Nile? If so, it is likely that they are filled with debris such as leaves, twigs and other materials that are affecting the flow of water. If left unresolved, this could result in major damage to your home and cost thousands of dollars to repair. Thankfully an efficient and affordable solution is at hand.

Armstrong and Nelson Eavestroughing are Toronto's leading gutter repair professionals and are here to help alleviate your malfunctioning gutters. Our premier, family-operated gutter repair service has been serving the homeowners of Toronto since 1970. While the equipment we use has changed in the intervening forty-six years, the mantra that we live by remains the same: a commitment to providing efficient and timely gutter repairs that will save Toronto homeowners time, money and stress.

Signs that your Gutters Need Repairing

Ill maintained gutters may start out as a small problem but can quickly escalate into something far more serious. Identifying and acting on the following tell-tale signs of a malfunctioning gutter will not only save you time and money but they could very well ensure that the value of your property doesn't decrease. Three warning signs to look out for include:

  • •Vertical streaks of mud or dirt on the external face of the gutter
  • •Mud spattered on the side of the house, adjacent to the gutter
  • •Paint peeling off the house in vertical strips

It is vital that given the extreme climate variation that exists in Toronto's seasons that homeowners pay particular attention to the aforementioned signs. Failing to do so could result in a rotting gutter, a decimated paint job or, worst of all, damage to the structural integrity of your home.

Gutter Maintenance

At Armstrong and Nelson Eavestroughing, our skilled and certified team of gutter experts has the skill and knowhow to repair all types of gutter-related problems. A commitment to doing the best job possible allied to decades of combined experience means that we have what it takes to resolve any type of problem but saying that, we also believe that prevention is certainly better than the cure. That is why as well as undertaking the required remedial repair works to your gutters when necessary, our dedicated team will also ensure that they are sufficiently maintained.

Gutter problems?

As part of our repair service we also include maintenance checks to all Toronto customers. This consist of removing any obstructing debris, as well as cleaning of the end caps, the down sprout and gutter corners. However, it is unfortunately the case that maintenance alone will not resolve all gutter problems. That is why our professionally trained team of gutter repair experts is skilled in the following necessary practices:

  • •Leaf gutter installation
  • •Downspout repair
  • •Sealing gutter leaks
  • •Fascia board repair
  • •Caulking of end caps and corners
  • •Storm and wildlife repair
  • •Drip edge installation
  • •Ridge cap repair

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