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Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing is a certified Alu-Rex installer for ALU-REX leaf guard products – Gutter Clean and T-Rex. We are trained by them to install all their products according to industry standards so they function as they should.

Avail the advantage of leaf guard systems

Get the advantage of new and improved leaf guard systems available at Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing. which are thoroughly researched and tested under harsh conditions. Make your home a cozy and better place to live and forget about irritating maintenance and cleaning of eaves with our advanced gutter leaf guard systems.

Our Leaf guard installation optimize rainwater to flow smoothly to your downspouts through your eaves without any obstruction of leaves as well as adamant debris and away from your property to make you safe from soil erosion, mold and water damage.

Our leaf guards work day and night so that you can chill inside your home without spoiling your Saturday afternoon in cleaning of gutters. You can feel relax that your property looks great and free from leaves and debris. Our highly advanced gutter guards can be installed in existing eaves and can add marginal robustness to it by protecting the eaves from snow and ice in winter season. They are made from aluminum chiefly designed to prevent more debris and leaves in comparison with other ordinary gutter guard system. They will not rust and are highly durable in nature.

Not just ordinary leaf guard system, get the benefit of advanced leaf guards systems available at Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing.

Our leaf guard systems are highly durable and need low maintenance because they are highly functional and robust in nature to face the harsh weather of Canada, so once installed you can be worry free for years.

Our modern aluminum gutter guards secure many homes and buildings in Toronto from water damage including:

Our Leaf Guard Solutions Offer Years of Protection

Any of our leaf guard solutions will prevent the majority of debris from entering the eaves and clogging the downpipes. They fit into existing eaves and are guaranteed not to rust. Essentially, they sit in your gutters and protect your home, year after year. Our aluminum gutter guards protect many homes and building in Toronto from water damage including:

  • Foundation Problems
  • Basement Leaks
  • Landscape Wash-outs
  • Insect Problems
  • Rotting Fascia Boards
  • Mold & Mildew
  • Bird Nests
  • Leaking Inside Walls and Windows

If neglected, above mentioned problems can cost you thousands of dollars in works of repair.

What gutter guards we have for you?

  • Trough guard
  • Alu-rex Gutter clean
  • Gutter filter
Gutter Clean
Gutter Filter
Fits in existing or new troughs
Contour Flat Adaptable Filter
No rust aluminum mesh SPONGE
Made in Canada YES
Visible from the street X X X
Years of service 10+ 10+ 20
Prevents leaves from entering
Prevents debris and objects from entering
Prevents mosquito infestation INDIRECTLY INDIRECTLY
Prevents pine needles from entering   YES
Water flows freely
Holds up in winter
Cleaning needed X X X

NOTE: All the above mentioned products can be compared to similar products bought from hardware stores and home depots, but there is no comparison in terms of guarantee of working and durability in the Canadian weather as these products do. We have selected the best available in the market.

Trough Guard

  • - Won’t rust
  • - Can fit into existing Trough
  • - Highly durable
  • - Provide strength to Gutters in winter seaso

Alu-Rex Gutter Clean

In addition to trough guard qualities it can do:

  • A 10km wind efficiently removes wet leaves and about 100 pine needles per linear foot
  • A 37 km wind can remove about an inch (2.5 cm) of pine needles per linear foot

Gutter Filter

Gutter filter is top-of-the-notch guard that won’t allow anything to enter in your eaves. It will work for more than 20 years and can efficiently prevent pine needles to choke downpipes. It also prevents mosquito infestation and can lower the risk of west Nile virus.

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