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Thank you for visiting the website of Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing, a family-owned eavestrough repair, eavestrough cleaning, and replacement company based in Toronto. Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing has proudly served the GTA since 1970. Our experienced and reliable technicians can handle all your eavestrough cleaning and gutter cleaning, eavestrough service, aluminum work, downpipe and roof service needs. We are happy to answer any questions you might have about the eavestrough products and services that we offer.

Eavestrough repair technicians that are Highly-Skilled and Qualified

The Owner and President, of Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing has a civil engineering background and provides hands-on assistance and expert consultations to the technicians working for Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing. We only hire individuals who have several years of experience in eavestroughing, roofing or a related industry. The technician who inspects your eavestroughs and roof is the same person who gives you an estimate and does the work, so he learns first hand what you need and what is the most affordable way to give you this. Our technicians bring a variety of skills to draw upon in Eavestoughing Roofing residential-roofing-repair/Roofing and Home Improvements , so the best person suited for the job is sent to do the work on your home . We believe customer service is very important and therefore we have many repeat customers and referrals.

Affordable Eavestrough and Roof Repairs, Leaf guard and Replacements

Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing is an expert in the cleaning and unclogging of eavestroughs, downpipe service and mandatory downspout disconnection according to THE CITY OF TORONTO BY-LAWS. We can solve leaking eavestroughs and roofs without you spending unnecessarily on a replacement and offer a range of Eavestrough and Roofing Services. If an eavestrough replacement is required we can offer you professional advice on how this is to be done . The highly skilled technicians are qualified to reconstruct ,repair or replace every aspect of the following systems: eavestroughs,gutters, soffits, fascia, downpipes, roofs, roof lines, siding, and chimneys. Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing installs and performs high quality, professional, leaf guards, de-icing cables, window capping, flashing and drip edges as well as aluminum for chimney repairs.

Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing Eavestroughing ensures that our prices are competitive for eavestrough and Roofing Services in the city area. We know you want to balance cost with quality and Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing believes in the “more for less” strategy in that we offer the best materials and labour for eavestroughing and roofing at a greater value than our competitors.

Regular Eavestrough Maintenance for Large Complexes

Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing can do partial or total replacements. If the eaves of your home can be serviced, we will find you the most cost effective way to get your eaves working as they should. Our skilled technicians can provide regular maintenance for large complexes. Ask about our property management inspection and maintenance programs. Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing can provide a detailed overview and inspection of the status of the roof lines on townhouse complexes and implement a scheduled upkeep of the facility with our EAVESTROUGH & ROOFING PREVENTATIVE MAINTENANCE PROGRAM.

Year-Round Business Dedicated to Your Satisfaction

AWe are a year-round business and no service is too small or too big for us to provide satisfactory guaranteed work. Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing specializes in Eavestrough cleaning, downpipe, eavestroughs, roof-lines, and the replacement and installation of quality, professional,commercial-grade leaf guard systems. During the winter Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing can help you prevent ice damming and winter weather damage with our WINTER SERVICES, so your home is protected from water leaking into your basement. De-icing/heating cables can be professionally & safely installed to curtail ice build up around the edge of the roof. Ice and snow can be removed from the eavestroughs and roof to ease the weight of that and can cause damage.

Free Estimates & Inspection Eavestrough & Roofing Service

Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing provides quotes after taking a look at the problem. Each service call includes a free full inspection of the eavestroughs and roof line. Scheduled appointments for an in-depth consultation can be arranged as well at your home. Our crews are available in every area of the GTA and surrounding areas. A quote can be given within 24 hours and the work done within the week. Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing Eavestroughing is happy to offer the GTA emergency service.

In order to ease the financial burden in these recessionary times, promotional discounts are available that can reduce the taxes you pay.

How To Choose An Eavestrough Company And Why To Choose Us

Eavestrough installation and reconstruction is only done correctly if the technician is very skilled and experienced; i.e.: an expert in more than just installing the product. The eavestrough system is the key to protecting your home from water damage to the foundation. This damage has serious cost implications and drastically reduces the value of the house

Almost all eavestrough issues are a result of poor workmanship in the installation process. Examples include: eaves nailed in place, poorly fitted corners, poor sealing techniques, inadequate alignments, insufficient downpipes, inadequate number of downpipes.

Any eavestrough contractor can say he is a specialist, however, a specialist is not the same as a licensed, professional expert. Many contractors offer no guarantee and will not return to fix insufficient repairs, while we are not satisfied until you are too.

Armstrong & Nelson Eavestroughing only hires technicians with many years of experience so there is no experimenting on your home with on the job training. The company operates as a team drawing on the skills of each dedicated technician who does the job as a professional, unlike other companies who do a variety of jobs unrelated to eavestroughing and roofing repairs. We are not a company who hires unskilled trainees for summer employment, instead our technicians are skilled in eavestroughing and roofing and take pride in every job while treating your home as if it were their own.

The critical list in choosing the right company is:



Several years’ experience in providing service for eavesroughing and roofing problems with solid customer service skills. Provides prompt, reliable service and recognizes an emergency situation involving water in the basement or home and provides service to reduce damage to your home. Will not recommend removal of aluminum eavestroughs or a roof replacement when the eavestrough or roof can be repaired for a fraction of the cost, unless you wish this. This is the the real test, “the gold standard.



«We provide peace of mind at a reasonable rate.»